Saturday, February 13, 2016

New Born Teacup/micro Puppy Sweaters

A breeder friend of mine mentioned that she wished there was a way to keep one puppy in need warm without over heating the others. Well, being the knitter I am, I came up with this simple pattern. Pictures will be on their way.

Fingering weight or sock yarn (You ideally want a super wool. wool will keep the pup warmer than acrylic, but with added bonus of superwash, you don't have to worry abt it felting when you wash it.)
3mm knitting needles I used 2 npds because I don't need a long needle
3 extra small buttons
needle for weaving in ends.

New Born Teacup puppy Sweater

Co 34 sts with a stretchy cast on of your choice

Row 1: knit
Row 2 : purl

continue in stockette until you have knitted 1 inch

knit 8 sts, co 6, knit 6, co 6, knit remaining sts

purl to co sts and cast on 6 twice. purl remaining sts

continue stockette stitch until entire piece measures 2.5 inches

BO with stetchy bind off of your choice.
weave in end. block if desired.

Attach buttons and you're done!

Keep your little ones warm.