Friday, September 4, 2009

Started Christmas Knitting already......

Okay. So I've just recently taken up knitting. :-p As in I started........ *thinks* in Marchish? Possibly April.... Anyway, I think I'm doing pretty damn good. But This is not the point of this entry.

I have started my Christmas projects.

Project #1 - A 14 inch tall Elephant Plushie

Project #2 - A Santa Scarf

Project #3 - Arm Warmers

Project #1's pattern in from the book Easy To Make Knitted Toys. The pattern is called Big Jumbo.
I'm half way through the knitting the body and I want to stab myself in the eye with my needles. It's not that the pattern is hard. It's just a lot of knitting. Knitting Stockette stitch for 43 rows, 144 sts a row is not my idea of fun. It's very boring...... Thankfully I have a few months to finish this project. :-p

Project #2 I am making the pattern for. *squee* My first pattern all by me! I saw a picture of this scraf and thought: 'I could knit that!' So I will be making a pattern for it and posting here and on Ravelry when it's completed. I need to go to the wool Shop and get some nice yarn for it.

Project #3 I started tonight. It's a basic pattern and I'll probably be done it by Wednesday. The pattern can be found here if your interested and have a Ravelry acocunt:

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